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The mission of Sigi Design is to bring joy to you, and raise awareness for the animal's that share the world with us.

Have Sigi, the animal sculptor, create a keepsake for you, beautiful jewelry depicting your pet or breed, or a three dimensional figure.

People all over the world enjoy her sculptures. Sigi jewelry is worn and enjoyed all over the US, Europe, Australia, and Japan. Even Robin Williams, the great actor and comedian, wears a Sigi ring, and the famous KGO radio talk show host Ron Owens had her create a ring for his daughter.

You found Animal Lovers paradise.

Just for you we offer over two hundred different animals, including over one hundred dog breeds, as rings, pendants, earrings, pins, bracelets, and unique figurines.

You know that no two pets truly look alike.

Just in case, you should be unable to find your breed in our vast collection of animals, or your pet just does not look like one of Sigi’s sculptures, send us pictures of your pet or animal. Sigi will create a unique design just for you and send you a sketch for your approval for the down payment of $75.00, applicable towards the piece.

You can be assured that your piece of jewelry or figurine will be of the highest quality. Sigi is a third generation goldsmith and designer, and graduate of the famous art school in Pforzheim Germany. She handcrafts all her pieces here in our studio in Sausalito, CA. The jewelry has a nice weight to it, the rings have wide shanks and all Sterling Silver earrings are fashioned with 14Kt Gold posts to make that even people allergic to Sterling can wear them.

Get your own keepsake!

As of December 2003 three thousand customers are wearing Sigi design jewlery, and five hundred own a keepsake figurine of their dog. The craftsmanship is evident in every stage, from design to finished product. Many hours are spent creating a design and carving the wax to make sure the look is just right for you.

After that, the carved wax model is encased in plaster of Paris. Once dried it is burned out in an oven. The resulting negative mold is then used to receive the precious metal of your choice. After the cool down period the mold is broken, and each unique metal sculpture is hand finished to a gleaming sheen.

Our biggest reward is the joy a client gets from our creations.

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