for animal lovers only


Sigi's specialty is sculpting your favorite animal.

Send us pictures of your dog, cat, bird, pet or favorite animal. Sigi will create the most beautiful piece of jewelry, or small statue for you; perfectly capturing the animals beauty.

As of December 2003 three thousand customers are wearing Sigi design jewelry, and five hundred own a keepsake figurine of their dog. The craftsmanship is evident in every stage, from design to finished product. Many hours are spent creating a design and carving the wax to make sure the look is just right for you.

After that, the carved wax model is encased in plaster of Paris. Once dried it is burned out in an oven. The resulting negative mold is then used to receive the precious metal of your choice. After the cool down period the mold is broken, and each unique metal sculpture is hand finished to a gleaming sheen.

Interested? Just !

Step 1:
Send us your photo.

dog photograph

Step 2:
We create a design.

dog sketch

Step 3:
We sculpt the jewelry.

final dog ring

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